One Morning In Jersey City - last call

Jeepers, pages and pages of poetry about Jersey City, the Hudson River, sailboats, pigeons, seagulls, the pier apartments, the murky water, the pretty girls (Aloha, say the pretty girls), choppers, atrium plants and footsteps, Harborside Cafe, the elevator ride, Columbus, Hyatt Hotel sundial, cooties, ice bergs, ferries, babies in the June sun, tourists, those blue beams to the sky, and people at the railings - all in one collection of poetry:

One Morning In Jersey City.

As you may know, my nearly ten years working at Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City has ended now that my company has moved our offices across the Hudson River to Midtown Manhattan.

Think of these poems as the shorthand of my memories of this all-too-often overlooked city. It has been my pleasure discovering the hidden places of silent comfort this town has to offer, the parks, the paths and all the friendly faces.
Thanks, Jersey City, for being such a wonderful host.

-Your humble cheerleader,
- Anthony Buccino