If you grew up in the 1960s within the range of the WMCA Good Guys, then you'll remember Clay Cole, and the neighborhood boys - Jersey Boys - singing on the radio.

But, did you know the female backup singers were from Belleville, N.J.?

The Delicates were the original Jersey Girls.

Now, thanks to Denise Ferri's website dedicated to the rock and roll greats ... there is a section on The Delicates and it also has plenty of old photos and recent ones of Frankie Valli, Tommy Devito ... many others ... as they "are still all close friends," says Denise.

And, yes, she has a link to Clay Cole!

Check out the Jersey boys and the Jersey Girls at www.jerseygirlssing.com

Clay Cole

How Officer Joe Bolten met the Three Stooges, and why the Merry Mailman took over that WPIX show from Bozo The Clown.

Film at 11

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